Loan Purpose

5 benefits of heavy equipment financing


With upward pressure on prices across many sectors of the economy, being able to effectively manage your cash flow is more important than ever.

 One way businesses in the construction sector – and other industries that use heavy equipment – can help their cash flow is to finance their heavy equipment.

 While many businesses might wait until the end of the financial year to purchase new equipment, the flexibility of heavy equipment financing lets you get the equipment when it’s needed.

 Here are some other benefits of equipment financing:


Many lenders offer flexible financing solutions – including leases – that can be tailored to suit your business needs. This means they can work around your specific tax and accounting requirements, ultimately boosting your cash flow.

 Preservation of Capital

 By financing your heavy equipment, rather than spending cash from your business, you can free up funds for other areas of the business. It also helps reduce risk in the event the new equipment doesn’t produce an immediate cash boost to your business.

 Expense Planning

 By understanding where your money is being spent and having a clear budget in place, your business will be better positioned to grow. Large fluctuations in spending can cause stifled growth and financing enables you to smooth those expenses over many years.

 Managing business cycles

 Most businesses will be faced with the ups and downs of the business cycle. This is particularly pronounced in sectors like construction which are heavily linked to the property market. Having flexible arrangements, such as leases, will help allow for seasonal fluctuations. You will have lower monthly repayments overall, all the while the equipment is still increasing its revenue input.

 Latest Technology

 By having the very latest technology, you are giving your business a competitive edge and also making it more efficient. With financing, you’re able to purchase better, more reliable equipment that otherwise might have been financially out of reach.