Loan Purpose

Getting your home ready to sell

With the spring selling season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing your home should you want to sell. 

There’s no doubt if you’re trying to market your property, it’s vital that you are able to make it as appealing to as many people as possible.

Here are a few ways you can get your home ready to make a big impression when the time comes to sell.

 Do any repairs

 While it might be ok to live with a few problems in your home, when you’re trying to sell it, these things can quickly turn buyers off. Things like dripping taps, broken windows or even more serious things like water-damaged walls and cracks should be looked at right away.

 You need to look at your home from the eyes of a would-be buyer and make sure they have no reason to avoid your property.


It doesn’t matter what home we live in, we all want more space. This is especially important for upgraders who need room for the kids, and vital for those that live in inner city apartments.


The first thing to do is to start sorting your things and decluttering. If you have too many possessions, it might even be worth selling some excess belongings, or at the very least putting them in storage during the sales campaign. The odds are you’ll need to thin some things out when you move, so why not do it now?


Give the home a good clean


First impressions count. Bad first impressions can really have a negative impact on a person’s interest in your home.

 The easiest and cheapest thing you can do is to make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned before trying to sell it. 

Things like dirty carpets or even unmadeb eds can really stand out at a home open so make sure you give everything a deep clean, or even hire a cleaner to give it a good going over.


Style your home to sell


Depending on your budget and the state of your personal belongings, it might be worth getting your home styled. This involves hiring a styling company to bring in outside furniture and present the home as best you can. Oftentimes, they will have the right-sized furniture to fit your home and make it look spacious and desirable.

 People want to imagine themselves living in the home, and by styling it effectively, it can really help them visualise,themselves being there permanently.

 Speak to agents

 It’s always a good idea to speak with local real estate agents to see what the buyers in the market are looking for so you can try and make your property fit the bill.

 They can often give their thoughts on how to stage the property effectively and connect you with the right trades to get your property in top shape ahead of time.