Loan Purpose

Make the most of summer with a personal loan

Summer in Australia is the perfect time to get out into the world and enjoy yourself. There are so many exciting things to do, from taking holidays, getting out on the water or going on a road trip.

 Regardless of the type of adventure you’re looking to have, a great way to finance your adventures is with the help of a personal loan.

 A personal loan allows you to borrow a specific amount of money to pay for something (even debts). It’s an incredibly flexible form of finance that can help you purchase exactly what you want, exactly when you need it.

 Here are some of the different ways you can use a personal loan.

Boat/Jet Ski

Getting out on the water is great in summer and an easy way to purchase a boat or a jet ski of your own is with finance. You can use an unsecured personal loan, with loan terms of anywhere up to seven years to make your purchase. It’s also possible to get a boat or jet ski loan that uses that asset to secure the loan. These will typically come with lower interest rates.


 A personal loan is the perfect option for holidaymakers who want to do a little bit more with their time off. If you’ve got some big ideas, a personal loan with flexible repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) is a great option. Personal loans for holidays are normally quick to approve meaning you can get away faster than ever.


 Getting out for a ride on a motorbike over the summer is a great way to spend your free time. A personal loan can be a quick and easy option to purchase a motorbike. It’s also possible to get a secured loan for a motorbike which may see lower interest rates.


 If you’re thinking about getting away for the remainder of the holidays and your current vehicle isn’t quite cutting it, then it might be worth considering a personal loan for a car. There are a host of options for cars with both secured and unsecured options. Normally the best place to start is speaking with a finance broker to compare your options.

 Debt consolidation

 The holiday period is a great time to start thinking about your next 12 months and how you’re going to get on top of your finances. If you’ve got some debt that you need to manage better, a personal loan is a really good way to get ahead of it. By taking out a personal loan to pay down some of your higher-interest debts like credit cards, you can budget more effectively and save on interest.